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 In which we're thrown straight into a party that's only thrown in the movies!

*glances at the chapter title* 'Partay'? Really?! Are you serious about this?! You cannot expect me to take this novel seriously with a chapter title like that! Wow, we've barely even started and I already feel like rage-quitting. Everyone, be prepared for the weirdest chapter of your life! Without further ado, let's start chapter 7!

So, we open up with Molly having noticed Bethany's interest in Xavier and decides to give her some advice. And by that, she tells Bethany that she doesn't "really think that he's [Bethany's] type". And who decided you could tell her that?

Anyways, Bethany asks Molly who she's talking about, but Molly is unconvinced. She continues to tell Bethany that while Xavier is one of the hottest guys in the school, "everyone knows he's trouble. The girls that try only end up brokenhearted. Don't say you weren't warned". *purses lips* Sounds like a girl who's been turned down by him, doesn't it?

Bethany says that Xavier doesn't seem cruel, but Molly just tells her that falling for him will only bring her pain. So naturally, Bethany asks if Molly got turned down by him, and apparently she did! But the story about it is going to piss us off even more!

"Well, I liked him for ages and finally got sick of dropping hints, so I asked him out." She said it offhandedly as if it had happened a long time ago and no longer mattered.

"And?" I prompted.

"And nothing." She shrugged. "He turned me down. He was polite about it, told me he saw me as a friend. But it was still the single, most humiliating moment of my life."

I couldn't tell Molly that what she'd described didn't sound so bad. In fact, Xavier's conduct could have been seen as honest, even honorable. When Molly had talked about broken hearts she'd made him sound like some kind of villain. All he'd really done was decline an invitation in the best way he knew how. But I'd learned enough so far about female friendship to know that sympathy was the only acceptable response.

"It's not right," Molly continued accusingly. "He walks around looking gorgeous, being friendly to everyone, but won't let anyone get close to him."

"But does he mislead girls into thinking he wants more than friendship?" I asked.

"No," she admitted, "but it's still completely unfair. How can anyone be too busy for a girlfriend? I know it sounds harsh, but he has to move on from Emily sometime. It's not like she's coming back. Anyway, enough about Mr. Perfect. I hope you can make it to my place on Friday-- it'll take our minds off annoying boys."

Wow. There is so much wrong in this passage that I have to point it out.

Let's start off with Molly claiming that Xavier is a heartbreaker. So one day, she decides to ask Xavier out, but he turns her down in what we assume is a polite manner, and is honest about it. However, it really sounds like she's trying to ruin his reputation just because he turned her down. Imagine if the roles were reversed here, wouldn't it be just as vile?

And Molly is really coming across as an entitled brat, like some of those entitled high school and college boys who like to go after girls who tell them no. It's disgusting, really. It's not good when a guy does it, and it's really no better when a girl does it. And besides, Molly is also sounding very selfish in that she just expects Xavier to drop whatever he's doing and make himself available for her.

It's possible that Xavier is still grieving over his dead girlfriend, you know! After all, he probably never went through such a loss before so it's still affecting him! So to expect him to just move on and forget about his dead girlfriend is extremely callous and selfish and disgusting!

Also, 'how can anyone be too busy for a girlfriend?'? Really?! People have lives, you know! And since Xavier is the class president of the school, he's probably very involved in a whole bunch of activities and clubs, which might make it nearly impossible to date! In fact, I'm not even dating right now because I'm waiting to complete my degree and find out what I really want before pursuing a relationship. After all, I really don't want to end up falling for the wrong guy!

Basically, this entire passage shows just how selfish Molly is, and the double standards that just piss me off to no extent. Yeah, I may not like Xavier, but if he's grieving over Emily, then he had every right to turn down girls who ask him out on dates.

*sigh* I'll move on before I lose it.

We then suddenly cut to the evening, and Bethany is asking Gabriel if she can go to Molly's house for facials. Gabriel tells her no and that the point of them being in Venus Cove "isn't to socialize". Thank you, Gabriel! I swear, I feel like you're the only sane man in this book!

Bethany insists that it would be rude if she didn't go, because it's Friday night. So in the end, Gabriel relents, saying that while he wishes that she was being more productive, he can't stop her. Bethany tells him that she won't make a habit of it, and Gabriel says that he hopes not.

I didn't like the implication behind his words and the subtle suggestion that I was already losing focus. But I didn't let that ruin my mood-- I wanted to experience all facets of human life. After all, it might give me a better understanding of our mission.

Newsflash, honey: you're already losing focus. You've never really been focused on this mission, you keep on mentioning it whenever you feel that the reader is becoming disbelieving! You've been going on about making friends and pondering about love and all that, so you were never really focused in the first place, dammit! So don't give me this nonsense!

Moving on, Bethany has already showered and dressed by seven o'clock.

By seven o'clock I had showered and changed into a fitted green wool dress. I teamed the dress with ankle boots and dark tights and even put on some of the lip gloss Molly had given me. I was pleased with the result; I looked a little less like my usual pale self.

"There's no need to dress up, you're not going to a ball," Gabriel said when he saw me.

"A girl must always endeavor to look her best," Ivy said in my defense and gave me a wink. She might not have been pleased about my plans to spend time with Molly and her gang, but she wasn't the type to harbor a grudge. She knew when to let things go in order to keep the peace.

Man, gotta love the unfortunate implications right there, huh? Of course, girls must always look good, but not for herself, only for Her Man, because he deserves only the most beautiful of girls! *looks sickened* God, I feel like throwing up now. But way to imply that all girls have to dress up and look good! I mean, yeah, I like dressing up and looking good, but that doesn't mean that I shame girls who don't!

And Bethany really sounds like some sort of bratty teenager, with Ivy being the permissive mother. Adornetto, I really hope you don't have kids.

Anyways, Bethany has decided to walk to Molly's house and has promised to call Gabriel to pick her up whenever she's ready to come home. During the walk to her house, Bethany states that she feels "a rush of pleasure", and she describes the scent of the ocean coupled with evergreens, and then goes on to say how privileged she feels to be on Earth as a sentient being. She then states that "looking down from Heaven on the teeming life below was like watching a show. Being on the actual stage might be more frightening, but it was also more thrilling".

However, Bethany becomes more nervous the moment she reaches Molly's house. She thinks she might have gotten the wrong address. Why? Because of this!

The front door was wide open and it seemed like every light inside was on. Music boomed from the front room and scantily dressed teenagers swaggered out onto the front porch... I recognized some faces from school and a few people waved at me. I headed up the steps of the bungalow-style house and almost bumped into a boy retching over the side of the veranda.

Oh, the horror! Loud music? People dressed like hookers? Boys throwing up? *grins evilly* What, you hate loud music? Great! Take this!

*starts playing some GazettE songs loudly*

Bethany then considers going home, which would be a smart thing to do, seeing as it's not really a night for facials, but what does she do? She decides to go inside and tell Molly that she wished to go home. Really? Why not just text Molly 'hey sorry, can't make it!'?

Whatever. We then get a description of a high school party that is only ever thrown in the movies!

There was a crush of bodies in the front hallway, which was pungent with smoke and cologne. The music was so loud people had to shout in each other's ears to be heard. The shaking floor and the lurching dancers made me feel like I was trapped in the middle of an earthquake. The driving beat was so loud it shattered against my eardrums, making me cringe. I could feel hot breath on my cheeks, smell beer and bile in the air. The whole scene was so painfully overwhelming I was almost knocked off balance. But this was human life, I thought to myself, and I was determined to experience it firsthand even if it did make me feel ready to collapse. So I took a deep breath and pushed on.

Sounds like the house doesn't have good foundation if it feels like it's in the middle of an earthquake. But on a serious note, you consider this as being part of human life?

Okay, first of all, what kind of high school did you even go to, Adornetto? What, do you assume that all North American teenagers throw parties straight out of Clueless, or something? And this kind of a party is not an essential part of human life! Yeah, kids at my high school threw parties, but I never even went to any of them! And I can assure you, they are not like what you see in high school movies. Sure, some may serve booze, but not all!

And if this is really a part of real life, then I'm more than happy to miss out on it, thank you very much! I prefer to stay at home with my laptop and my blanket and my music! The only high school party that I ever went to was my graduation after-party, and even then, that was kept strictly PG, not R!

Bethany goes on further and well what do you know?! There's debauchery occurring!

There were young people in every corner and recess, some smoking, some drinking, and others just draped over each other. I wound my way through the crowd and watched in fascination a group playing a game that I heard someone call Treasure Hunt. It involved girls standing in a row while boys aimed marshmallows at their cleavages from an easy distance. Once successful they had to retrieve the marshmallows using only their mouths. The girls laughed and squealed as the boys burrowed their heads into their chests.

Yeah, if this is what high school parties were really like, then I'm glad that I've never been to one. Okay, how many music videos have you watched, Adornetto? Because this? This sounds like a music video for some hip-hop or pop song. I mean, think about it! Scantily-clad women, people drinking and smoking, couples getting it on everywhere or playing sexual games, it sounds like something out of a music video!

Damn, not even the party in the PV of Inside Beast was this bad! The most that we ever saw in that was Kai whipping a naked man, Uruha blindfolded and handcuffed, Aoi dancing the tango with a masked woman, Reita setting wooden frames on fire, and Ruki getting high on a bed surrounded by stuffed animals! *gets dreamy* Ah~ Ruki was sooooo beautiful in that PV...

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, here's the PV of "Inside Beast" by the GazettE. It's amazing~ ;)

*clears throat* Er... where was I? Oh, right.

Bethany asks someone where Molly is, and it turns out that she's in the hot tub. *purses lips* They sound pretty wealthy, to be honest. And let me ask something, why hasn't anyone called the cops yet? If there's this much noise going on, especially in a small town, surely someone would've called on the cops to put a stop to this party, right?

Anyways, Bethany goes outside, sees teenagers in bikinis and swim trunks, as well as a naked guy run past her and jump into the pool, and she's terrified by this sight. *exasperated* Look Bethany, you shouldn't be horrified by naked guys. Adam and Eve were friggin' naked in the Garden of Eden, after all!

She finally finds Molly in the hot tub surrounded by two boys. And then, when Molly sees her, she"hoisted herself out, stretching like a cat, and lingered long enough for the boys to admire her wet, toned body".

Sure, it says she's showing off for the boys, but who wants to bet that it's for Bethany instead?

Bethany asks Molly if there has been a change of plans, and as it turns out, there has! Apparently, Molly's aunt got sick so her parents went out of town for the weekend, and Molly just "'couldn't pass up the opportunity to partay!'". 

Bethany then tells Molly that she only came to say hello and that she needs to get home. However, Molly convinces her to stay, telling her that Gabriel doesn't have to know. And she promptly tells Bethany to have one drink before going home because she doesn't want her to get in trouble.

Molly, are you for real? If you send her after drinking, it'll be obvious, and Bethany will get into even more trouble! The logic in this book... man, I just don't understand this at all. And regarding the drinking... these guys are all underage. The legal drinking age in Georgia is twenty-one years, but there are only three exceptions for underage drinking, which are:

  • on private, non alcohol-selling premises with parental consent

  • for religious purposes

  • for medical purposes

Otherwise, underage drinking is illegal. Now, I looked up the legal drinking age of Australia, and it turns out to be eighteen years of age. But, Adornetto, you set your book in the southern United States. In fact, you know what? In all of those states, the drinking age is twenty-one years! Yeah, not just in Georgia, Adornetto! It's in Alabama, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Florida, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Kansas, Kentucky, all those places!

On another note, Georgia is part of an area known as the Bible Belt, which is a region where socially conservative evangelical Protestantism plays a stronger role in society and politics. In other words? The American South is highly Christian. The states that make up this region are Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Georgia!

Georgia is a highly religious state as well, and 85% of them are Christians! In addition, 76% of them are Protestant while only 8% are Catholic. Also, Georgia is made up of Southern Baptists. And according to my research, Southern Baptists are intolerant of alcohol, and not just underage drinking. They don't like alcohol, period. So these kids should be the sons and daughters of Southern Baptists who have been raised not to act like... whatever this is! Sure, some of them rebel. But not all of them will.

Adornetto, I really do not understand why you just won't do the research! This is as bad as EL James and the Fifty Shades series where she set her book in Washington but didn't bother to do research and dropped in a whole ton of British things! In fact, what the hell was this editor doing when they received the novel? Were they drunk? Because if I was an editor, I would have sent this back to Adornetto with 'DO SOME GODDAMN RESEARCH' written all over the manuscript.

Let this be a lesson for you aspiring authors: DO. RESEARCH. It doesn't kill you to just look up something on Google!

*sighs* I'm exhausted already... You know, I need something sexy. I need me some of this!

*extremely pleased* You go, Ruki~ Work those hips for me, baby... Damn, I love this classy sassy sexy little diva. *smirks* I wonder how Bethany and these other heteronormative YA heroines like Bella Swan and Zoey Redbird will react when they see Ruki doing his thing? They'd be disgusted and horrified, for sure! But would Ruki care? Nope! And that's what makes him awesome!

Now that I feel better, let's keep going!

Molly takes Bethany into the kitchen, where Taylah is mixing drinks. The alcohol that's there are Caribbean white rum, single malt scotch, whiskey, tequila, absinthe, Midori, bourbon, and champagne. Molly then asks Taylah for two Taylah specials, which are described as "a green brew".

I'm not of age in my province, so I wouldn't really know, but I can assume that this is a Midori cocktail with a lot of Midori in it. Bethany asks what it is, but Molly just tells her that it's a cocktail. Really, Molly? Why can't you just tell her?

Bethany takes a swig, only to regret it. It's clear that this is her first alcoholic beverage, and she describes the taste as "sickly sweet but at the same time burned my throat". Despite the fact that she doesn't like it, what does Bethany do? She drinks it to avoid being called a buzzkill.

My God, you are one stupid angel, Bethany! Not only that, everytime her glass is empty, it keeps getting refilled by strangers! And she keeps drinking! This is so dangerous, Bethany! Someone could have easily roofied you or something!

By now, Bethany's already completely wasted, yet instead of drinking some water, she takes more of the cocktail. She's already on her third and she feels like lying down when someone guides her outside away from the loud music and the crowd. And who is this stranger? None other than Xavier!

Xavier tells Bethany that she needs to take it easy with the drinking because the cocktail is rather strong. Bethany tells him that it's her first time drinking, so Xavier offers to drive her home. Bethany tries to say that she's fine, only to almost stumble. And then Molly comes over to see how Bethany's doing. And Xavier immediately blames Molly for getting Bethany drunk.

"What was Beth drinking?" he demanded.

"Just a cocktail," Molly replied. "Mostly vodka. Aren't you feeling well, Beth?"

"No, she's not," said Xavier flatly.

"I'll make sure she gets home safely," he said, and even in my state I couldn't miss the accusatory tone.

*scowls* Yeah, Molly was irresponsible, but this isn't completely her fault, you idiot! You know, DRAMAtical Murder did this way better in Koujaku's route of the game. Not to mention, it was a lot sweeter. After Aoba got extremely high off the lights in the club at Flame Willow and threw up everywhere, Koujaku just carries him back to their residence to take care of him, and he's still so sweet to Aoba and he made sure that he was okay afterwards!

Moving on, Molly tells Xavier not to tell too much about this to Gabriel. During the car ride back home, Bethany is extremely drowsy and can't keep her eyes open. And when she gets home, Gabriel is rightly concerned upon seeing her in this state.

Gabriel asks what happened, Xavier tells him about the party, which seems to upset Gabriel because he hadn't heard anything about it. Xavier tells him that it isn't Bethany's fault and that she didn't know, and Gabriel helps her inside after saying that they'll take care of her.

Bethany states that it sounded wrong, and that she was most likely in trouble. And she even says that Xavier rescued her! Adornetto, do you have some sort of kink for getting rescued by a knight in shining armour? Because it really sounds like it.

We then close the chapter with Bethany passing out as Ivy rubs her forehead, and with that, we're done for now!

God, this chapter was a real drag! And I am definitely not looking forward for the next one! Which is why I have some special guests in mind for the next chapter~ they'll spork it for me, since I'm not even going to be there. See you next time!

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