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In which there is even more filler!

missabnormal: Since I already said at the end of last chapter that I really couldn't do this, I've decided to have two of my original characters from my novel come and spork this chapter. Here they are!

(The theatre doors open. In walks a Tamil-Canadian girl with piercing spring green eyes, wavy and messy black hair, and wearing her favourite black kurtha and jeans. Following her is a demon with the appearance of a young and handsome Japanese man with long black hair, red eyes lined with eyeliner and red lipstick on his lips, pointed ears, and is dressed in a sleeveless maroon turtleneck shirt, black jeans, and combat boots).

(The girl is Yamini Subramaniam, a half-human, half-demon girl with the ability to control shadows. The demon is Ruki, her companion who helps her with her training, and he too, can control shadows)

Yamini: So, what are we supposed to do?

missabnormal: Your job is to spork this chapter of a bad paranormal romance between a female angel and a human male. There's snacks located in the fridge if you get hungry, so good luck!

(she leaves)

Ruki: *looks slightly confused* I don't really understand what she meant by 'spork', but let's get started anyways. *opens up his book* So, we start the chapter with the heroine, Bethany, waking up with a headache and suddenly remembering the events of a party that she went to the previous night.

Yamini: Sounds like she's got one hell of a hangover. She can't remember too much, but she does remember Xavier, the love interest, coming to help her out. And... *reads on* Oh my gosh, she just referred to him as a gallant knight! *disgusted* Sweetie, you're an angel! Why are you acting like the damsel in distress?! Do you have a kink for being rescued?!

And to make this even more pathetic, she starts to whine.

I was overcome with a mix of regret and humiliation. I buried my burning cheeks under the quilt and curled myself into a ball, hoping I could stay that way forever. What must Xavier Woods, the school captain of Bryce Hamilton, think of me now? What must everyone think of me? I had barely been at the school a week and already I had disgraced my family and proclaimed to the world that I was a novice at life. How could I have not realized how powerful those cocktails were? On top of it all, I had proved to my brother and sister that I was incapable of looking after myself outside of their care.

*rolls her eyes* Bethany, you're an angel. Why the hell are you so worried about other people's opinions about you? And why your love interest in particular? And what, you seriously think that you've disgraced your family just because you got drunk? Put on your big girl pants and toughen up!

Ruki: This doesn't seem to sound like much of a big deal as Bethany is making it out to be. *frowns slightly* People your age have things far more severe to give this much amount of worrying.

Yamini: Damn right! Like when I lost control of my powers and beat up a guy for vandalising my mom's grave! I was horrified at myself for that, and you know what I was like? I was terrified that I was seen as a monster by my dad, that my only best friend wouldn't want anything to do with me, and that all attempts at managing my anger had gone to waste! Sure, I might have felt a little bit sorry for myself, but for the most part, I tried to pull through!

Ruki: You're right. Moving on, Bethany can hear Gabriel and Ivy discussing something downstairs, and she then realises that she may have compromised their mission. "Their reputations were on the line as well as mine, and mine was now undoubtedly in tatters. I considered the possibility of us packing up and starting afresh in a new location. Surely Gabriel and Ivy wouldn't expect me to stay in Venus Cove after the spectacle I'd made of myself".

*disbelieving* She just got intoxicated, that's all. So why the hell is she acting like she murdered someone? It's not like they are going to abandon the town to Hell just because Bethany was intoxicated! She is truly making a mountain out of a molehill. *sighs* Look, we demons have had failures in missions in the Human World before, such as attempting to save hybrids in danger, only to be overpowered, or reaching too late. But do you know what we do? We try not to lose hope, we take responsibility, and we aim to save someone the next time.

Yamini: Ya know, when a demon's being more responsible than an angel, there's something wrong.

Well, whatever. Bethany goes downstairs, where she sees Ivy doing some embroidery and Gabriel acting all strict like a Fifties patriarch. And because Ivy's a Seraph, and is supposed to be very powerful, this just angers me. So Bethany goes to the fridge and takes some orange juice, and she's acting all scared of Gabriel because she thinks that he's mad at her. No kidding, it's "I cared too much for Gabriel's regard to lose it. If nothing else, his anger would have helped ease my guilt".

Ivy asks Bethany how she's feeling, and much to Bethany's surprise, she doesn't sound angry or disappointed. Bethany apologises for getting drunk. And how does Gabriel react?

Gabriel turned to look at me, his eyes the color of thunder. But in them I only saw his deep affection for me.

"There's no need to fret, Bethany," he said with his usual composure. "Now that we're human we're bound to make some mistakes."

"You're not angry?" I blurted, looking from one to the other. Their mother-of-pearl skin was incandescent in the morning light.

"Of course we're not angry," said Ivy. "How can we blame you for something that was beyond your control."

*mockingly* Oh Bethany, of course we're not mad! No one can ever be mad at you! *disgusted* If I got drunk, I'd deal with the consequences in the morning. That's what my dad tells me, at least.

Ruki: After some more reassuring, Gabriel makes Bethany a homemade cure for her hangover. It's described to be quite disgusting, but Bethany just takes it. And so today, Ivy suggests that they stay in the home and reflect.

*surprised* You know, I'm a little confused as to what this mission is supposed to be. What the hell are they doing? Because when Amestris and I were doing our mission in the city of Toronto, we had absolutely zero time for things like reflecting. Everyday, we'd go to school, afterwards we'd go for our part-time jobs, and then we'd do surveillance in every single neighbourhood of Toronto to look for hybrids. The only time we stopped was after Yamini chose to train with me, and when Amestris had to train Yamini's best friend after making a contract with her.

However, these angels do not seem to be doing much to help others.

Yamini: Yeah, you're right. Why aren't they making themselves useful and doing some charity work, or working in a soup kitchen, or I don't know, working to spread the word of God!

Oh whatever. Bethany then goes onto describe how they live without any technology whatsoever. And why?

We thought of technology as a sort of corrupting influence, promoting antisocial behavior and detracting from family values. Our home was a place where we spent time with one another, not whiling away time shopping on the Internet or watching mindless television programs.

Are you serious? Look, people have always looked for reasons to avoid talking, way before technology was invented! Why is this author sounding like some sort of old lady?

Ruki: Technology is important for us to use. When we came to the Human World, we had to use devices called cell phones, but they were not filled with distracting applications. Same with computers. We only had those for school assignments.

Apparently, Gabriel hates television, and to emphasise that point, he showed Bethany and Ivy some sort of a reality TV program that made fun of obese people. You know, Gabriel is supposed to be an Archangel, right? Why is he sounding like an old man?

Moving on, rather than using their time wisely to try and help people, they just stay at home, lazing on their deck "reading, playing Scrabble, or simply lost in [their] own thoughts". *frowns* You know, whenever I reflect on my training with Yamini, I often spoke with my mentor, or wrote about it.

Yamini: Bethany also states that fruit has become her favourite food, especially melon. "The clean, sweet freshness of it reminded [her] of home". Is this all that happens in here? Nothing important seems to be happening, you know. It's like these Dark Forces are like, "let's wait so they can relax a little!". Pff, Hell's Army didn't even wait that long before they had one of their members set a manticore on my ass.

After some pointless prose about the sunlight and Heaven and all that, Ivy then shows them a newspaper in which the cover story is about bombings in the Middle East. Er... these angels are Christian, right?

Well, apparently the main reason that this is happening is because "'the forces of darkness are overpowering the forces of light'". Bethany finally shows some sense and asks about what they could do. However, Gabriel tells them that they aren't authorised to act. When Bethany protests, Gabriel says that they've been instructed to watch over Venus Cove, and that's that.

*annoyed* Yeah, sure, a sleepy beach town really needs saving, huh? Well what about Detroit? Caracas? Fortaleza? Baltimore? Acapulco? San Salvador? Those places have high crime rates, so I think that they need the presence of angels even more than this place!

Ruki: In the afternoon, they discover that they're almost out of groceries, so Bethany offers to go grocery shopping. Ivy tells her to get "fruit, eggs, and some bread from that new French bakery that's just opened". 

*raises an eyebrow* They shop from a French bakery? You know, another point I have to make. When Amestris and I arrived in the Human World and we had to buy some food, we just went to the nearest grocery store we could find. Everything there was at a reasonable price. We had to avoid spending frivolously and try and keep our identities concealed. However, with the way these angels are acting, they are going to end up giving themselves away.

Bethany takes her bike to the general store. After chaining it up outside, she sees an elderly woman and a caretaker come out of the shop and sit on the bench. Next to the woman is a "silver-gray dog". It's described as having"an expression so thoughtful it might have been human. Even seated, it held its body upright and had a regal air. Its jowls were slightly droopy, its fur sleek satin, and its eyes as colorless as moonlight".

The old woman is upset because she has to give her dog away to someone else, as she herself is going to a retirement home. The caretaker tries to tell the woman, now known as Alice, that it's for the best. However, Alice says that her dog, named Phantom, will not be able to understand whatever is going on. The caretaker continues to be rather callous, saying that the dog will be fine. After this goes on for a bit, the caretaker goes into the store to get dog treats.

Yamini: Bethany compliments Phantom and asks what breed he is. According to Alice, he's a Weimaraner. *surprised* A Weimaraner is a hunting dog, you know that? They're pretty strong, so I'm a little confused as to why Alice, an elderly lady, would have such a powerful breed of dog.

Anyways, Bethany lets him sniff her before he offers his paw. *rolls eyes* So what, are little birds gonna start flocking to Bethany now? Along with rabbits, squirrels, and deer? What the hell is this, has Bethany suddenly become friggin' Snow White?

Ruki: *chuckling* It sounds ridiculous, honestly.

Yamini: I know, right? *laughing* And what, is Bethany also gonna start singing to them? *quickly becomes serious* Because if she does, I quit.

Alice remarks on how strange it is, saying that Phantom is usually more reserved around strangers. Bethany asks her where she's going, and Alice tells her that she's going to a retirement village where they don't allow pets. And then, Bethany gets an idea!

Perhaps this meeting was Providence offering me an opportunity to make amends for my recent lack of responsibility. Wasn't this what I was meant to be doing after all-- making a difference to people wherever I could rather than focusing on my own egotistical obsessions? There wasn't much I could do about a crisis on the other side of the globe but here was a situation where I might be of use.

So she impulsively adopts the dog without consent from her family to make up for getting drunk! Yeah, no. And won't that add some extra responsibility onto you, when you have a mission that you're totally failing at focusing on?!

Ruki: Alice is happy with this arrangement, and the dog doesn't make a big fuss as her former owner and the caretaker drive away. *shakes his head* Did the author do research before? When I was studying Human World fauna, I had read a little about dogs, particularly the hunting breeds, which includes the Weimaraner.

These dogs were originally bred to be hunters. According to my reading, for the first year or so, you need to do serious training to make sure that they are well-behaved. Yet they are still highly energetic when they grow up. And Yamini is right, it's a little surprising for an elderly woman to have this kind of dog, especially because they tend to jump on people. They need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation as well, otherwise they'll become nervous. And because they are hunters, they will chase and kill anything that resembles prey unless properly trained.

In addition, they often have severe separation anxiety. They panic when left alone and have even hurt themselves trying to get out. So it's pretty much impossible for this Weimaraner to suddenly adapt to being with Bethany with no problem whatsoever.

Yamini: Why not just make the dog a Golden Retriever or a Lab? That would probably make more sense.

Ruki: You know, this animal reminds me of Amestris's battle animal, Tuya. She's of a prehistoric feline-esque species known as the Ember Apexia, and those are known to be extremely loyal to their owners that they refuse to be separated. Not to mention, those animals are highly unpredictable, so it's best to train one when they're young. When they're well-trained, however, they are great healing companions as well.

Yamini: So, Bethany takes Phantom home and Ivy starts gushing and cooing over him, even though she forgot to pick up groceries. She tells them how she got Phantom and they allow her to keep him! This is also an opportunity to see Gabriel smiling, since he smiles so rarely.

The chapter ends with a knock at the door, and with that, we're done! Finally!

Ruki: We're going to take a break, since we're in charge of the next chapter as well. We shall see you then.

(They leave the theatre for a break)

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