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Our first chapter where we get the perspectives of both characters. We also get a brief look at Park's mom. But there's so much offensive crap in this, so trigger warning.

missabnormal: *purses lips* I will be honest with you. This is a bad chapter because we're going to see a step-up in whatever offensive crap has been shown so far. Which is why I've had a retractable glass screen installed in the case that one of us starts raging, and it's most likely going to be me.

Kala: *wary* Should we be afraid?

missabnormal: Yes. Be very afraid.

So, we open up and already there is a ZTMA point. *quivering in anger* Why? Because we open the damn chapter with this:

'Watch it, raghead.'


I gave it two out of spite. Who's the one who called Eleanor that? Park's witch-of-a-friend Tina. Why he's friend with such a horrible girl is still beyond me. If I found out that my friend was bullying others, I'd dump her in a heartbeat and report her.

Apparently, Tina has already "had everyone else in their gym class calling Eleanor Bozo, but Tina had already moved onto Raghead and Bloody Mary. 'Cuz it looks like your whole head is on the rag,' she'd explained today in the locker room."

*boiling with anger* As such?


You know what makes this worse? At the end, it's revealed that Tina isn't as bad as she is here and she practically becomes Eleanor's friend. Yeah, this Christine Hargensen-wannabe is supposed to be a good guy. 

*takes a deep breath* I... I need to calm down already.

Wolfgang: *annoyed* Is Rowell trying to show bullying as a necessary part of high school? Because it's not. I've been bullied and it's draining to the psyche.

Mako: Why is everyone in this novel so catty and spiteful anyways? Does it hurt to show some compassion and kindness? I don't even care about these characters anymore.

Yamini: *reads ahead* It all apparently makes sense that Tina is in Eleanor's gym class. Why? "[Because] gym was an extension of hell, and Tina was definitely a demon. A weird, miniature demon. Like a toy demon. Or a teacup. And she had a whole gang of lesser demons, all dressed in matching gymsuits".


*bored* Look, we get it, high school is hell, teenagers are cruel, blah blah blah, just shut up already! 

Ruki: *offended* And don't compare us to mean students. At least we demons are not cruel about a person's lack of skills. 

Yamini: Eleanor angsts about the gym uniforms at the school. Apparently, they're wearing gymsuits... whatever the hell that is. They're described as "polyester onesies". And Tina's a bitch again by insulting Eleanor about how red isn't her colour, which makes everyone laugh! 

*glaring in anger, she quickly unsheathes her sword, startling Kala, Wolfgang, and Mako* You wanna go, bitch?!


*snarling as she is surrounded by black shadows* If I see anymore bullying in this damn novel, I'm gonna shove this up Tina's ass until it comes out of her mouth! 

Kala: *alarmed* Yamini, calm down! Please, put the sword away!

Yamini: *takes a deep breath* S-Sorry... *sheathes her sword as the shadows disappear* Ruki... can you take over? I need to calm down.

Ruki: Of course. *reads* Eleanor takes her time in getting to her bus seat "before that stupid Asian kid". *frustrated* Is there really a need to call him stupid? Why can't you just say 'that Asian kid'? Is this just some excuse to be offensive?


She's upset about getting there before him, because she'd have to get up to let him get to his seat, which would make it awkward. But she's relieved that he doesn't look at her or talk to her. Eleanor never looks at him, though. Sometimes, she looks at his shoes or looks to see what he's reading. Apparently, he always reads comic books. However, Eleanor never brings anything to read on the bus, because she "didn't want Tina, or anybody else, to catch her with her head down". 

And now we change to Park's perspective.

Kala: My turn. *starts reading* According to Park, it felt wrong to sit next to someone and not talk to her, even if she was weird. *annoyed* Then why doesn't he talk to her? Also, Eleanor is apparently dressed like a Christmas tree, which makes him embarrassed and look forward to getting away from her.

missabnormal: Our hero, ladies and gentlemen!

Kala: He's now eating dinner in his room when he is interrupted by his little brother Josh, who asks him where his "dobak" is.

Mako: He means 'dobok' right? By the way, a dobok is the uniform that taekwondo practitioners wear. It comes from the keikogi, or the uniform that practitioners of Japanese martial arts wear. What makes it different from keikogi is that dobok sleeves and pants are wider and longer, so practitioners wear a dobok modeled after the Korean hanbok. One would think that Rowell would know how to spell it properly.

Ruki: *raises his eyebrows* Wow. That's quite disrespectful, actually. I think it constitutes for a point.


Kala: Anyways, Josh tells Park that their dad is coming home and that "'he's gonna shit if [Park is] not ready'". This prompts their mother to cuff him up the head, saying, "'Don't cuss, dirty mouth'". She also has to reach up to do so because "Josh was his father's son; he was already at least seven inches taller than their mom-- and three inches taller than Park". 

So Park pushes Josh out of his room so he can get ready. Apparently, Park is able to beat Josh in taekwondo "only because Josh got impatient with any sport where his size wasn't an obvious advantage". After some idle wondering about whether Park would have to wear Josh's hand-me-downs, he gets ready and goes downstairs, where his mother is trying to wash a stain out of Josh's jacket.

missabnormal: And here it comes, everyone! Their dad comes home!

Wolfgang: Park's father calls for his wife, now known as Mindy. In fact, that's how Park's dad comes home every night, "like the dad in a sit-com". Then his mom would call out 'In here!' from wherever she was. *stunned* But apparently, Mindy Sheridan says it like, and I quote, "'In hee-ya!'".



The last one is because "she was apparently never going to stop sounding like she just got here from Korea". *stunned* Wow, what a way to shit all over her. Sun Bak would be furious at this.

Mako: *angered* For that matter, why is the accent written out? You could say that her voice had an accent!

missabnormal: You know who else did this? John Luther Long, the author of the Madame Butterfly short story and David Belasco, the playwright of Madame Butterfly: A Tragedy of Japan. They exaggerated the titular character's speech so that it was just very offensively broken English.

Yamini: Yeah, as for the mention of her 'just coming here from Korea'? That sounds a lot like that God-awful musical Miss Saigon. You know, where the creators just shit all over Vietnamese men in order to glorify the romance between the white man and the Vietnamese woman. God that musical is horrible. At least Puccini portrayed Pinkerton as a jerk whose treatment of poor Butterfly was just plain wrong.

Wolfgang: *hesitant* It... gets worse. Park sometimes thinks that "she kept the accent on purpose, because his dad liked it". She also tries to fit in a lot but if "she sounded like she grew up right around the corner, she would".




Yamini: *appalled* Seriously? Way to imply that Park and Josh are the result of the dad's yellow fever! That's just... I can't believe... What the actual hell am I reading?!

Mako: *angered* So he likes her broken English? It's like that scene from Full Metal Jacket all over again! Does he expect her to start saying "Me love you long time" all the time to him?!

Ruki: And just when I thought things were bad enough already...

missabnormal: *outraged* Dear God, why not just dress her up in a kimono and have her sing 'Un bel dì vedremo' atop a hill while looking out over the ocean while you're at it?!


Yeah, that one's out of spite!

Mako: So then, after that, things just become classless and offensively bad when the dad comes into the kitchen and makes out with his wife right in front of their kids. And it's always "full-on make-out sessions, no matter who was around".

missabnormal: *sneers* Keep it classy, Rowell. 

Yamini: My dad never did anything like that. The most he ever did was just kiss my mom on her cheeks and forehead, with a short kiss on the lips. If he ever made out with my mom, he'd do it in private!

Kala: I'm surprised that neither Park nor Josh are complaining and pretending to throw up.

Wolfgang: Besides, the dad didn't even greet his kids. Already, I'm getting the feeling that they're a result of his yellow fever.

Ruki: *rolls his eyes* It's one thing to present parents as loving one another and not being ashamed to hug each other in front of their kids. It's a completely different thing altogether to have them becoming sexually aroused in front of their kids. 

missabnormal: I'm getting reminded of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen and how they shamelessly had sex every other second in Breaking Dawn and completely forgot about their friggin' daughter! What, no 'hi, how are you' for your kids?!

Mako: *shakes head* It's also described as "like watching Paul Bunyan make out with one of those It's a Small World dolls". *bitter* Right, because it's not as if East Asian women are constantly compared to China dolls, right?




To finish this section off, Park and Josh decide to wait in their dad's car. Right after bleaching their eyes, I guess. *sighs* I'm so glad that section has finished.

missabnormal: And we go back to Eleanor's perspective, where we start out with her not being used to eating dinner so early. She doesn't know when it all started, because in their previous house, "they'd all eaten together". However, it's now like "their mom wanted them all out of the way before he came home". Hell, they even get different dinners! The kids get grilled cheese, while Richie gets steak!

Yamini: Fortunately, Eleanor doesn't bitch about it, saying that it was a nice break from what she'd been having until then. Also, after dinner, Eleanor usually went to her room to read while the little kids go outside. She wonders what they're going to do when the cold weather kicks in and- *eyes widen in shock* Oh, God. Rowell actually went there.

Kala: What do you mean?

Yamini: *takes a deep breath* Okay, she wonders if they were all going to hide in the bedroom and the idea, I quote, "was crazy. Diary of Anne Frank crazy".

missabnormal: *spittake* Whaaaaaaat?! *outraged* She... She just- she... she actually just- *dissolves into incoherent sputtering*

Wolfgang: *grits his teeth* You seriously said that? Fräulein, do you even know what Anne Frank's situation was? She and her family were Jewish people hiding from the goddamn Nazis. They were hiding because of persecution by Hitler, which was one of the reasons why they had moved from Frankfurt to Amsterdam.

Ruki: *appalled* So... she took the diary of a girl who had hidden from persecution, and died in a concentration camp, and called it crazy?

Wolfgang: *just as appalled* Yes.

Ruki: *speechless* Did... Did the editor even go through the damn book?! 

Kala: *stunned* Was the author even thinking when she wrote this?!

Mako: *shocked* She really did go there, huh.

Yamini: *dumbfounded* This is... There are no words for this.

missabnormal: *snapped out of her shock, but is now angry* Jesus Christ, no wonder John Green loves this book! It'd definitely appeal to the guy who wrote two teenagers sharing their first kiss in a Holocaust memorial! What is wrong with people?!

Ruki: *sighs* So, Eleanor gets onto her bed and remembers how her mother pulled her out of class to tell her that she was coming home. Right then, her sister Maisie comes in and tells her to keep the door open so the breeze could come in. She asks if she can come up but Eleanor says no. Why? "She didn't want Maisie to see the coloured pencils and clean paper. Plus, part of her still wanted to punish Maisie for sitting in Richie's lap". *wearily* I... I'm not even going to say anything about it.

Kala: Before Richie had kicked Eleanor out of the house, all the siblings had taken Eleanor's side and they were always allied against him. Mouse used to steal Richie's cigarettes and knock on their mother's door when they heard bedsprings, apparently. Also, when there was any shouting or crying, all the siblings would huddle together on Eleanor's bed.

Wolfgang: Eleanor and Maisie used to say how much they hated him and wished for his death during those times. Now, though, when Eleanor asks Maisie if she calls him 'Dad', she simply responds with "'He is our dad now'".

Mako: Eleanor then wakes up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. Richie had fallen asleep in front of the TV, and Eleanor is too scared to even breathe or flush the toilet. I'll give Rowell that, that does sound like a legitimate fear of an abused child. When she gets back to her room, she closes the door, deciding "[F***] the breeze". And with that, we're done.

missabnormal: Dear. God. That was awful.

Yamini: I swear, it's like the author was trying to piss us all off.

Ruki: We're not even far into the story and the characters are still very unsympathetic.

Kala: What was this author even thinking while writing?

Wolfgang: Why do I feel that the author set the story in the 80's so she'd have an excuse to be as racist and offensive as she wanted to be?

Mako: This entire chapter is worse than Full Metal Jacket!

missabnormal: And with that, we'll see you in the next chapter.


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Could you please put your entries under cuts? It would be a lot easier on my reading page.

This entire chapter...wow. What the hell even was that?

(Also, Yamini has a sword? Nice!)
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Trivializing the Holocaust AGAIN.

Sounds awesome. *loves sharp pointy objects*


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